Gaming Review: Don’t Starve

S: “Every time I look, you’re either killing spiders or are being killed by them.”

Me: “The spiders just get to me, man.”

Don’t Starve is a game that I recently picked up. I am proud to say that I’ve survived 46 days in the regular world and 24 in Maxwell’s Portal. Yet I’m not close to beating this game and I still haven’t encountered half of the monsters. When I first started playing, I was unsure what the hype was about. I didn’t think highly of the game since it is in 2D and the game looks very simple. But I quickly changed my mind as I ventured down the rabbit hole.

In Don’t Starve, your character starts off in a mysterious land and you quickly learn that it’s hard to stay alive while you’re finding a way back home. If your character dies, your game is erased and you start from the beginning once again. You’ll soon learn that your hunger, health, and sanity bars fluctuate more than the Dow Jones and the craft inventory bar is a bit intimidating. If you have the right elements to craft items, you will be able to forge weapons, clothing and other fun gear. More than anything, I learned that Girl Scouts doesn’t teach you half of the things that is necessary to survive in *this* world.

It’s hard to predict which edibles will help or hurt you. It’s like watching a baby put something in its mouth. And of course, everything is out to get you. Most of the animals are pretty aggressive like going against a boxer on steroids. Early on, I realized that it was impossible for me to remember every stat and decided to consult the all knowing Wiki. The Wiki became my constant companion as I learned how to craft new items and survive in this treacherous world.

Although I am still learning new things, my character keeps dying. It’s actually easier to list the animals that do not automatically attack you when you’re in their vicinity (since this list is considerably shorter).

The two animals that are on my most wanted list are turkeys and spiders. Turkeys are tame but like to eat berry bushes and gobble loudly. Next on my list are spiders. One of the easiest ways to destroy them is by befriending Pigs (not to be confused with Guardian Pigs).  I once had 5 Pigs follow me around like a band of misfits. And my favorite sidekick is Chester. Chester, (short for Otto von Chesterfield, Esq.) is a chest that follows you around if you pick up the Eye Bone. He’s my faithful friend and can regenerate health, which is great when I want a decoy. You will often hear me talk aloud to Chester like he’s my pet. My (IRL) cat is not amused.

Another fun feature about Don’t Starve is that you can unlock characters that have different abilities and weaknesses. My favorite character is the robot, WX-78. He says the silliest things and when struck by lightning, his health and speed increase. His weakness is that by upon getting struck by lightning, his sanity takes a toll. It’s nothing that cooked green or blue mushrooms can’t fix.  Because my adventures in Don’t Starve constantly change thanks to the random map generator, there will always be new things that I can discover and new monsters to defeat.

Don’t Starve; where not starving is the easy part.

Special thanks to Don’t Starve for the screen shots.


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