This Week’s Exclusive Interview with Brad Overbey aka Drift0r


This week’s exclusive gaming interview is with Brad Overbey aka Drift0r. He is best known for his mind blowing YouTube “In Depth” commentary series, particularly for his perceptive insights, analytical guns stats and badass weapon reviews. Continue reading

Thursday News: Monday Edition

By: Charlie Landon

Happy Easter, Monday gamers. Hope you found all the Easter Eggs! I just learned that with every Godzilla movie, the monster keeps getting bigger. The 2014 version will be 3 times the size of the original. Here’s a recap of all the video game news of the past few days, some cool deals you might be interested and industry news you might have missed. Continue reading

This Week’s Exclusive Interview with Kelly Kelley aka MrsViolence


This week’s exclusive gaming interview is with the lovely Kelly Kelley, or better known as @MrsViolence. Since the age of 3, she’s been an avid gamer and has since honed in on her killer skills.

Continue reading

This Week’s Exclusive Interview with Rachel Quirico aka Seltzer_FD


This week, we’ll be talking to the awesome Rachel Quirico, or better known as @Seltzer_FD. She’s a Frag Doll, a PC/Xbox 360 gamer, the Esports journalist for Cyber Sports Network and recently hosted the Smite Launch Tournament in Atlanta, Georgia. Continue reading

Pax East 2014 Cheat Sheet



Hi gamers! Pax East is underway and there are so many amazing games being showcased this year. Since it’s hard to stay updated on everything that’s happening, we’ve written up this handy cheat sheet for you. Continue reading