New Chat Session with the CEO of SteamWorld Dig, Brjánn


Today, @ladyfox14 played SteamWorld Dig on the PS4 and Brjánn Sigurgeirsson, the CEO of Image & Form, was kind enough to stop by the stream and answer questions.

It is a great honor and always a pleasure to talk to him.

If you missed the SteamWorld Dig stream, we’re posting the awesome chat session below:

Imageform1:  Howdy! Brjann from Image & Form here! 

Imageform1:  Hi Cris!

Imageform1:  Me too!

Imageform1:  Looking good, Cris! xD

Imageform1:  Hi all! 

Bwnt:  this is the funnest looking ps4 game right now

Imageform1:  Cheers, it’s actually not bad! xD

Imageform1:  Hooray! The Static Dash! 

Bwnt:  how was the game developed?

Bwnt:  unity?

Imageform1:  actually C++

Bwnt:  own engine?

Imageform1:  Yep we use our own tech, I’ll explain while Cris jumps around xD

Imageform1:  We’ve tried a little bit with Unity, but we feel it’s a wee bit restricting –

Imageform1:  – it may not look like it, but SWD uses quite a bit of deep programming.  so our own tech was pretty useful.

Imageform1:  also a performance issue, plus the fact that we couldn’t use Unity to publish to the 3DS.

Bwnt:  it looks very polished, grats on all the positive reviews

Bwnt:  ill be picking it up when i get a ps4

Imageform1:  Thanks a lot!  We’ve been blessed with great reviews.

Imageform1:  And a lot of really friendly feedback from everyone.

Imageform1:  I think Cris is getting close to the end here! 

Imageform1:  Yep – the end. xD

Imageform1:  Oh no!

Imageform1:  9:20 pm here in Sweden right now. 

Imageform1:  Friday night with the family, cheese doodles, soda and snacks. 

Imageform1:  Haha! Ok guys, I’ve gotta go – putting the kiddos to bed. Any other questions?

Imageform1:  Bye bye Cris, thanks for having me. Speak soon!

Here’s a quick screen shot of the chat room (unfortunately, we couldn’t grab a screen shot of the entire chat before it was refreshed):


Thanks again for stopping by Brjánn and if you want to know more about SteamWorld Dig, check out: @imageform.

For those of you that want to see more of SteamWorld Dig, @ladyfox14 will be fighting the final boss level next week. If you want to know when she’ll be streaming, you can follow @gamercompatible for more updates.

Next week, we’ll be posting new and exciting Day Z content and a new gaming interview so stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend, folks.

Special thanks to Steam World Dig for the in game screen shot.

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