This Week’s Gaming Interview with Hannah Carr aka Cybernova


This week, we have an exclusive interview with the lovely Hannah Carr or better known as @cybernova. She’s the new host of MMO Play, a frequent guest streamer for the FragDolls, a space exploration zealot and has degrees in both astrophysics and computer science.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us, Hannah.

What inspired you to get into gaming? Can you tell us a little bit about your gaming background?

Gaming for me was never a choice, it was more of an innate inclination. Having a technophile for a father meant that we always had the latest consoles around. A day never went by where I wasn’t exploring a digital world or playing my favorite characters.

Which are your favorite games? What game left the biggest impression on you?

Anything with spaceships, aliens, or intergalactic weapons is always my go-to. The game that truly solidified my obsession with console games was the original Halo which released when I was 11 years old. I will never forget that first moment when the game begins, as the view pans out on the open expanse. It was truly the first game that made me feel like I was wholly in another universe. The incredibly detailed lore which ties in with the literature provided such an engrossing experience that I will never forget.

Which old game do you keep returning to? Would you say Halo falls in your top 10?

I can’t seem to keep myself away from any of the games in the Mass Effect franchise for too long. To date, I have over 7 playthroughs of the first, 9 of the second, and 5 of the third. Being able to explore more of an open world in Mass Effect slightly tips the scales over Halo in my top list, but only slightly. Halo will always have the nostalgia factor.


Now that we know your favorite games, which game or genre do you really like but are embarrassed to talk about?

Probably The Sims. I have over 600 hours logged in the game! It may not be the most challenging game, but I enjoy the freedom I have in the gameplay. Not to mention how hilarious it is making Sims that resemble your friends or favorite video game characters. The frequent release of expansions have kept me interested throughout the years.

Have your degrees in astrophysics and computer science helped you with gaming in any way?

They have helped me out tremendously professionally, but unfortunately the physics of video games rarely follow the laws of physics in the real world.

What is the funniest memory you have of The Sims?

Recently I made a Sim that looked exactly like my husband. I accidently left the game running when I went out one night and came back to find that my husband had been getting busy, and had werewolf triplets! Ironically it was also with a blonde Sim in the game and I died!


What are your biggest and most personal accomplishments as a gamer?

Joining the Halo division of PMS Clan in 2011 was one of my most treasured moments. I loved every minutes of the practices with the girls, the custom maps we dueled on, learning how to bounce sniper rifle bullets and even the strafing practices! It truly helped me develop my skill as a gamer, and I made some amazing friends along the way.

Is this how you became a guest streamer on the Frag Dolls channel?

I met some amazing women after joining PMS Clan, the community was actually started by the legendary Amber and Amy who recently retired from the FragDolls. Friends from PMS encouraged me to get into working at conventions demoing games and products, and at these events I networked with even more incredible people. One of those people was the amazing Daze from the FragDolls, and she thought I would be a good addition to the FragDolls twitch channel. I am so grateful for the opportunity to stream for such an incredible organization, and be part of their awesome community. My FragDolls stream is the highlight of my week!

Considering the amazing journey you’ve gone through, is there any advice you’d like to give to future gamers?

Be yourself, and lead with your brain. As a woman, we already have the odds against us in this industry, so try and be a positive role model. I highly encourage people to join a community as well seeing as how joining PMS Clan changed my professional life, and personal life. And on one final note, don’t let education take the backburner. I completed my degrees then got involved in the gaming industry, and now I have my dream job, creating content about games for a living!


Hannah Carr with theoretical physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

I would love to thank you for such a fun interview, and thank you guys who are reading this! I hope all of us gamers can unite and create a positive community of like-minded people and stop tearing each other down online. Gamers unite!

Thank you for your time, Hannah and thanks for checking out Gamer Compatible! If you want to know more about Hannah, you can follow her on Twitter: @cybernova or you can check out her Twitch stream:

And if you want to read more exciting gaming interviews, you can follow us on Twitter: @gamercompatible.

Game on! And signing out.

Images provided by the guest.

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