Pax East 2014 Cheat Sheet



Hi gamers! Pax East is underway and there are so many amazing games being showcased this year. Since it’s hard to stay updated on everything that’s happening, we’ve written up this handy cheat sheet for you.

Based on IGN’s comprehensive list of games at Pax East 2014, we’ve updated the booth information, included the company’s Twitter link and fun activities that you can expect at each booth.

If you want a visual of the Pax East floor, Indie Megabooth listed the full line up for the Megabooth and Minibooth areas and Proletariat Inc posted the booth map.

Have fun at Pax East! And schwag responsibly.

Company’s Twitter Acct Booth number Fun activities
Media Molecule 608 If you’re cosplaying as a PS character, you’ll be rewarded with goodies
Wildstar 562 Pick up a Rowsdower phone cleaner
Ubisoft 824 and 836 Hang out with the FragDolls
Twitch 936 Pick up a free commemorative pin
Loot Crate 1196 Pick up items like a Doctor Who wallet, a Batman lanyard and “gamer geek” wristbands
AckkStudios 797 Can RT to win a Y2K poster
Blizzard 848 Attending Pax East
Square Enix 548 Enter coupon code: PAXEAST2014 for $10 off Murdered:Soul Suspect
11 bit studios 1125 Showcasing This War of Mine for the first time
Mecha the Slag 676 Attending Pax East
Supergiant Games 892 Bastion speedrun tournament and you can try out Transistor
Proletariat Inc. 575 Tweet/Instagram a selfie with tag “#WZselfie#PAXEast” and they’ll zombify you on Twitch
Disney Interactive Studios 524 Attending Pax East
Rare 524 Attending Pax East
Capybara Games 524 Grab a @cowceda Super Time Force print
Microsoft Studios 524 Unveiling a new Powerstar Golf Course
Loveshack Indie Showcase Booth Attending Pax East
Rocketcatgames Indie Showcase Booth Attending Pax East
Spearhead Games 1147 Attending Pax East
Lumenox Indie Megabooth Attending Pax East
The Tap Lab Indie Megabooth: 675 Take a photo with Bigfoot Hunter
Team Colorblind 667 Attending Pax East
Brace Yourself Games Indie Megabooth: 489 Demoing double dance pad co-op mode
2K 948 and 962 If you pre-order Evolve Game or Borderlands, you can get exclusive swag
Developer Digital Indie Megabooth Attending Pax East
Discord Games Indie Megabooth: 685 Attending Pax East
Bootsnake Games Indie Megabooth: 683 Try the Deadrock Divide demo. First 100 ASM Pre-order cards come with case covers
Owlchemy Labs Indie Megabooth: 674 Attending Pax East
Gunnar 593 @NoahCraftFTW will be at Pax on April 12 for a meet and greet from 1-3 pm
Dejobaan Games Indie Megabooth Attending Pax East
Amplitude Studios Indie Megabooth Attending Pax East
Marauder Interactive Indie Megabooth Attending Pax East
Lazy 8 Studios Indie Megabooth Attending Pax East
Phosfiend Systems Inc. Indie Megabooth: 673 Giving away swag
Fenix Fire Indie Megabooth Attending Pax East
Nine Dots Indie Megabooth Attending Pax East
Deconstructeam Indie Megabooth Attending Pax East
Defiant Development Indie Megabooth: 658 Attending Pax East
Heart Machine Indie Megabooth Attending Pax East
Christine Love Indie Megabooth: 588 Attending Pax East
Klei Indie Megabooth: 874 Don’t Starve tournament
Studio Pixel Indie Megabooth Attending Pax East
Playism Games Indie Megabooth Free teaser game: Pink Hour
Fire Hose Games Indie Megabooth Attending Pax East
Asteroid Base Indie Megabooth: 776 Attending Pax East
Marc Ten Bosch Indie Megabooth Attending Pax East
Itay Keren Indie Megabooth Attending Pax East
Mi-Clos Studio Indie Megabooth: 688 Attending Pax East
Frogdice, Inc. Indie Megabooth Attending Pax East
Switchblade Monkeys Entertainment Indie Megabooth Showcasing Secret Ponchos
Tiger Style Indie Megabooth Giving out schwag buttons
Die Gute Fabrik Indie Megabooth: 481 Sportsfriends tournament all weekend
Firefly Studios Indie Megabooth Distributing free copies of Stronghold Crusader HD for people who signed up at #egxrezzed
Ronimo Games Indie Megabooth: 687 Attending Pax East
Rocket 5 Studios Indie Megabooth Attending Pax East
Iridium Studios Indie Megabooth Attending Pax East
Banyard Intelligence 996 Attending Pax East
Last Limb LLC 398 Attending Pax East
Mario von Rickenback 996 Attending Pax East
Action Button Entertainment 996 Attending Pax East
Green Lava Studios 980 Showcasing Play Fenix Rage for the first time
Cliffhanger Productions 980 Attending Pax East
New World Interactive 980 Attending Pax East
Handyman Studios 980 Attending Pax East
Zojoi LLC 980 Attending Pax East
Born Ready Games Xbox booth Attending Pax East

If you’re not at Pax East, you can still watch it live on the official Twitch stream!

And you can follow Pax on Twitter or on Facebook.

Note: We’ve been following up with each company located in the Megabooth area for their booth number so when we get any new information, we’ll update you asap!

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One thought on “Pax East 2014 Cheat Sheet

  1. Pax East 2014 Booth Information Update!

    Some of the Indie Megabooth companies have gotten back to us and we’re listing the new booth number additions to our list.

    Tiger Styles: Indie Megabooth 671
    Lumenox: Indie Megabooth 691
    Marc Ten Bosch: Indie Megabooth 888
    Robot Entertainment: 1124
    Rocket 5 Studios: 577
    Playism Games: Indie Megabooth 487
    Fire Hose Games: Indie Megabooth 678
    Defiant Development: They are located in the middle of the Indie Megabooth area.

    And thanks to @SyamaMishra, we now know that there are 4 indie games together on the Mini Indie Booth 1093, as shown in the image here:


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