Gaming Insights: Evolve

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Evolve is a shadowy shooter game where a team of Hunters are sent to eliminate the monsters attacking their people. In this 4 vs. 1 apocalyptic game, you can either play as one of the four Hunters (a trapper, support, medic or assault) or you can play as the alien Monster. Hunters are tasked to eliminate the Monster while the Monster must either kill all four Hunters or complete a secondary objective. To make the alien more formidable, you can kill smaller creatures to evolve and become stronger. If you want to know our take on Evolve, we have put together these reviews for you to read:

“I very much enjoyed playing Evolve. I’ve been playing this game since it was in alpha and I just can’t get enough of it. I used to be huge on Left 4 Dead and Evolve is the next level of that kind of game play. It’s developed by Turtle Rock Studios so you can see the Left 4 Dead influence but it’s nothing like anything I’ve played. The thrill and adrenaline rush of hunting down a giant monster or playing the monster and having intense white knuckle battles is exhilarating. Each role is very satisfying to play and helps add variety to a simple idea.

The only problem I’ve had is more on the technical side of things. I’ve had some driver issues and crashing problems, which I later found out was pretty common. I’m hoping that this will get fixed very soon.

I have put in close to 60 hours since I joined Evolve’s alpha and I seriously can’t put it down. Playing as the monster is a phenomenal feeling and getting a group of friends together to go hunt down monsters is a blast. This game is seriously pure entertainment. So yes, I highly recommend it!

I’ve never liked the 1-10 rating for things but I will say it is a game worth experiencing and I’ve already got my money’s worth and then some.”

-Geo aka @actabunnifoofoo

white_monsterCornered the Monster. Let’s take him down!

“So far, I have rather enjoyed playing Evolve. I first saw the game at PAX East last year and was initially put off by the booth’s giant statue. My rule at PAX is that the bigger the advertising, the worse the game will be. I changed my mind after watching some people play for a bit and I realized that it looked quite good. I set up an appointment and I got to play the monster, Goliath, in my first game. It was amazingly fun and since then, my experiences with the game have been almost always been great. This is a game that I have gotten really into, for some inexplicable reason.

My favorite memories of the game are close matches, especially the ones where we won or lost by just a few HP. I like to play it down to the wire. 🙂

Even though I love playing Evolve, it isn’t completely flawless. There are definite balance issues with some of the Monsters and Hunters. The wildlife in the game can insta-kill you if you do not get help from a teammate, which can be very frustrating. It is even worse considering that I am color blind and cannot see some of the warning colors of the dangerous wildlife. Also, the game is not a lot of fun when playing with a bot, solo or when playing with less than cooperative teammates. If you decide to play the game, I highly recommend playing with a team of friends or as the Monster.

The game that best compares to Evolve is Left 4 Dead PvP. The multiplayer is great but it badly needs an actual campaign mode. The sheer amount of DLC and their varying prices are a bit concerning. So far, it is quite balanced, cosmetically appealing, and is not a Pay to Win. I have no idea how the game will look in a year but Evolve has pretty positive reviews in my book.”

-Brad Overbey aka @Drift0r

evolve_boothLEGIQN by the Evolve Booth

“Greetings! Evolve is unique because it’s a one game type title. Many other FPS consoles have a hard time pulling the same thing off. Interestingly enough, Evolve is a hybrid. The game allows you to view the hunter in third person, which gives it a unique twist. The linear objectives in gameplay are reminiscent of zombies in Call of Duty. Because it’s repetitive, players will go through the same rotations in preparation to fight the monster (regardless of there being different variations of hunters and monsters). However, this game is different than your standard one trick pony because decisions on either side can make or break the game. AI rarely ends games, but there are only a few strategies for Evolve: 1. As the monster, you play mindlessly aggressive to make the game more intense/interesting. 2. You play half-in and half-out, so you’re playing to kill, but not making a show of it. 3. You evolve as the monster until you’re nearly indestructible. Then you pass the time until you can destroy the generator with ease (which makes the game very boring to watch and play.)

When placed in an intensive environment, the game is an absolute blast. But playing in a casual setting with a team of uncommunicative hunters can quickly make the game stale. It’s a game I highly recommend be played with a full team to ensure a good time. On the other hand, when playing as a monster, you can easily take advantage of four strangers who don’t communicate or know each other’s play style. This makes it the ideal role to play when matchmaking by yourself. If you get a competent team to play against, it only gets more interesting as the Monster.

The aspect that makes each set up different depends on your intensity. I had the pleasure of competing in the Evolve tournament at E3 alongside the team from Nerdist, as well as many prominent gaming YouTube personalities.  The great thing about this game is that when intense things happen, they’re either hilarious or incredible. I recall watching an entire team get eaten and killed by AI early in the game giving the monster an automatic win. It was hilarious, and the crowd and stream went crazy! My personal favorite moment was being the last one alive and running from the monster at an attempt to beat the clock to respawn my teammates. At zero seconds, I died, but not before respawning my teammates. I stood up and screamed in the Evolve booth in celebration! The irony though, was that the monster (Malik Forte from Nerdist) destroyed the generator within 30 seconds and we lost. Such a mixed day of emotions!

This is a game I do not regret purchasing, but keep in mind that you will be playing with a team, and your goal should be testing out new strategies. If you decide to play as the monster, destroying people is incredibly gratifying.

If I had to rate the game on a scale from 1-10, I’d give it a solid 7. In order for it to get an 8 or 9, it needs more variation in game modes, local coop, a better matchmaking (to place dedicated and willing players with similar players) and adding a split screen.  It was a rather weird move that the game was released with so many DLC extras for purchase, which was highly unfavored by the community. In comparison to other similar titles, it’s lacking options in weaponry, perks and maps (per monster/character), but it does offer quality options. It just needs some tweaks to be a game we see around the block for awhile.”

-Jordan Payton aka @LEGIQN

shooting_the_dark_awayTeam Assault, for the win

Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to review Evolve. This game was developed by Turtle Rock Studios and was released on February 10, 2015. It is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. If you want to stay updated on more Gamer Compatible reviews, you can follow us on Twitter: @gamercompatible or on Facebook: @gamercompatible.

Game on! And signing out.

All images were taken from Turtle Rock Studios and LEGIQN.

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