Gaming Insights: Don’t Starve Together


As described on Steam, Don’t Starve Together is “a standalone multiplayer expansion of the uncompromising survival game, Don’t Starve.” Like Don’t Starve, players must withstand this new, mystery world or experience a permanent death. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Director of UX for Epic Games, Celia Hodent


This Throwback Thursday piece is dedicated to our guest, Celia Hodent, the Director of User Experience for Epic Games and her love for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. As described on her website, Celia explores how cognitive psychology and neuroscience can be combined together to “improve usability and flow in games.” Continue reading

This Week’s Exclusive Interview with David Libby on The Logical Journey of Zoombinis

ZMB_MudBallWallTake aim with your paint combinations on the Mud Ball Wall

The Logical Journey of Zoombinis is a classic, beloved and award winning puzzle filled adventure created by TERC and Broderbund in the late 90s. This year, the team has started a Kickstarter to bring back the game with improved graphics, new content and an updated version for tablets and desktops. Continue reading