Fan Art Friday: Jacob Savage

“I suppose I first got into fan art when I was getting into anime and video games at about 10 years old. I remember getting my first console, a Sony PlayStation, and some games from my uncle for Christmas. This inspired me to try to draw some of the droids and characters from the Star Wars: Phantom Menace game. These and other video games would continue to have a big impact on my art, up to and including my more recent drawings of characters and mechs from Mech Warrior and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

As far as my favorite medium goes, I love working with traditional art: mainly using pen and markers, with the occasional use of brushes for inking and water color. I also sometimes use color pencils for shading and highlighting certain areas.

For my creative process, I enjoy looking up lots of pictures on the web and in art books, as well as referencing my favorite movie and game screenshots to try to build a character or idea. Then I draw the rough details and slowly refine a character from the ground up, usually over a couple days.

Ah! Art block, my old nemesis. I get hit with this often and hard it seems, and whenever it comes along, I find the biggest things that help me are going to some of my favorite areas in games, or watching my favorite Disney movies for inspiration. I also enjoy going for walks or reading a good book.

Some of my biggest inspirations have been Studio Ghibli, Glen Keane, Pixar, Bioware and Blizzard. They all have made such amazing art and put together great teams to make some truly memorable works that have stayed with me my whole life.

And for my advice to fellow artists (I can’t really say aspiring as I still consider myself to be a student!), the main thing is draw and practice EVERYTHING. You never know what you may need to draw or at what angle. I can’t count the number of times that I’ve thought to myself: “Oh, I’ll never have to draw THAT.” And ended up trying to draw it for a piece the very next day. Practice will truly help you in every way.

As for one thing I couldn’t live without…Books! I think if I didn’t have any books I’d go insane.

You can find my art on Tumblr and Facebook, as well as on Instagram.”

-Jacob Savage aka @Jake_SVG

Thank you again for your time, Jacob and thanks for stopping by! If you want to stay updated on more Gamer Compatible reviews, you can follow us on Twitter: @gamercompatible or on Facebook: @gamercompatible.

Game on! And signing out.

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