Fan Art Friday: Jou Fang

Eastern Risen Orianna

“I learned traditional painting and have played video games since primary school. Mario, Diablo II… and other late 20th century video games. Until Ragnarok Online (about 12 years ago), the art of characters deeply attracted me and my classmates. We secretly drew fan art in class, talked about the game and characters at recess, and played games after school. It was always important for me to have several like-minded partners to discuss what I sketched and what I wanted to paint. Soon, my fan art piece was published in a magazine, which I’ve held excitingly close to my heart. This was the first time I got into video game fan art.

When the characters or scene interest me or some ideas flash through my brain, I need to create it. For example, Orianna from League of Legends. I love her element: clockwork, doll, separate waist, a ball she relies on, her performance in the game, and her story as a little princess to her father. This helped me bring life to a special skin for specific her: Eastern Risen Orianna. I thought it would be interesting to create her with a porcelain China bony body with a meatball head.

I love using Photoshop. Free to deform, liquefy, and adjust any color curves. It’s very convenient.

oriana_2Mournful White

This is my R.W.B.Y fan art – Mournful White. I love this character’s design: almost white with a little bright red. The animator, Monty Oum, passed away on Feb. 1, 2015. I wanted to paint this piece for him. First, I draft the outlines. Next, I place all the colors, including light and shadow. Details and background bits follow. And I finalize the piece by adding some effects like snow to balance the visual representation.

My imagination makes my fan art unique, I guess. Imagining how the character would be, and not only as a beautiful model with a special action like the Mournful White. To her, Monty Oum is the father. I painted this piece with the character he created, and had her portray sadness. At the same time, it shows the soul of the character and not only as an animation figure.

Sometimes, friends give you useful suggestions if you’re stuck in a creative block. Researching for other pieces to brainstorm ideas, or trying other ways to paint are other things I might do. Otherwise, I stop to take a walk, read books play with cats if I have enough time, or spend some time with myself.

It takes about 10~30 hours to create pieces. The above-mentioned the Mournful White took approximately 12 hours. My two Orianna pieces were complicated, and took about 30 hours.

oriana_3It’s Christmas Time!

Hmmm, my favorite video game fan art pieces…this, a general name, 2014 Merry Christmas!! Haha! Strictly speaking she isn’t a video game character. She is a virtual singer in Taiwan, speaking Traditional Chinese. I love the color in the picture: dazzling and joyful ambiance, colorful and crumbling gifts. I guess she brings happiness to everyone, including me.

I love that diversity characters in League of Legends. Mad pale girl – Jinx, handsome black purifier – Lucian, fortitude female warrior – Irelia. There is a variety of champion selections to choose from in the game. Also, skins provided me a creative platform. Imagining an Ahri skin with an evening dress named Sexy Bride, haunting the field and whipping her tails. It shows players (including me) another side of Ahri. If we are fortunate, it will become a fan skin mod released by the community.

oriana_4Rococo Orianna

This one is Rococo Orianna, which I drew in 2012. Somebody already cosplayed her! She doesn’t have an official photo yet. Maybe I’ll show you someday!

Many people have influenced me. I have been studying art for a long time, and almost all of my art teachers influenced me as an artist. The most recent influential teacher is a CG Artist, named Krenz Cushart. His logical theory shows me how to control the shadow and light, dynamic gesture, color temperature and other aspects to create beautiful pieces. Even then, I still have a lot to learn as an artist.

Tips: follow your heart. What is the most important piece you want to create? Don’t follow the crowd blindly. Develop your own taste that shows your unique abilities. Actually, most of the artists surrounding me prefer low saturation to high saturation, but I like the latter more.

One thing I can’t live without would have to be trust in friendship. Friendship is magical! Chatting, playing, helping each other. They always give me useful suggestions when I’m down. Maybe I wouldn’t be an artist painting fan art if it wasn’t for them.

You can find my art on Deviant Art or Facebook.”
-Jou Fang


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