TwitchCon: The New Generation


Since its launch in 2011, Twitch has become one of the hottest live streaming services with over 100 million visitors per month, and with over 1.5 million broadcasters. Of course, the next logical step for this company was to hold its first streamer convention: TwitchCon. Continue reading

Gaming Insights: Bloodborne

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 4.29.48 PM

Bloodborne is an action video game where you role play as the main character, the Hunter. The villagers of Yharnam have been afflicted with a blood-borne disease and the Hunter must untangle the town’s mysteries while defending himself from its vicious beasts. Continue reading

Gaming Insights: Life is Strange

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Life is Strange is an interactive, graphic indie video game that is broken down into five episodes. The game follows Maxine Caulfield, a photography student that learns she has the ability to rewind time. Continue reading

Gaming Insights: Cities: Skylines

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Cities: Skylines is a city building game (with many comparisons to Sim City) where players build, manage and even modify their ever expanding cities. Players start off with a plot of land and can establish their metropolis by enhancing their environment like building bus routes to help your citizens get to work, or by creating dams to generate electricity. Continue reading

Gaming Insights: Helldivers

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Helldivers is a top down shooter video game that encourages co-op play. To win, players must complete their objectives and call a drop ship while endless swarms of aliens converge upon you. Continue reading