Cosplayer Spotlight: Mizzi Gutierrez


“I started getting into cosplay probably around 2008 but I never really cosplayed until 2012. I would always be online looking at cosplay from my favorite games, movies, and anime so I got the gist of it but I never thought of doing myself.  Continue reading

TwitchCon: The New Generation


Since its launch in 2011, Twitch has become one of the hottest live streaming services with over 100 million visitors per month, and with over 1.5 million broadcasters. Of course, the next logical step for this company was to hold its first streamer convention: TwitchCon. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Creative Director for EA Mobile, Chelsea Howe


This Throwback Thursday piece is dedicated to Chelsea Howe and her love for Sonic Spinball. Chelsea is the Creative Director for EA Mobile in Austin. As described on her website, she “optimizes live games and prototypes upcoming products.” Continue reading