Back to the Future and Gamers


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On October 21, 2015, fans around the world celebrated Emmett “Doc” Brown’s much awaited time traveling date. This Friday, we are bringing to you “Back to the Future and Gamers,” where gamers discuss their feelings and opinions of this classic geeky movie. Continue reading

Thursday News: Monday Edition

By: Charlie Landon

Happy Easter, Monday gamers. Hope you found all the Easter Eggs! I just learned that with every Godzilla movie, the monster keeps getting bigger. The 2014 version will be 3 times the size of the original. Here’s a recap of all the video game news of the past few days, some cool deals you might be interested and industry news you might have missed. Continue reading

Latest gaming review: Hay Day, LoL, Smite, and more!

Hi my fellow gamers! I’ve been putting a lot of gaming hours under my belt and here is my latest gaming review: Continue reading