Commemorative Piece for Mr. Iwata

mr_iwata_balloonsOnwards to Better Places by @RamImaquinario.

This week, we are presenting a commemorative piece for Mr. Satoru Iwata, who recently passed away. Mr. Iwata was born in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan on December 6, 1959. He would grow up to become the 4th President and CEO of Nintendo. Continue reading


Throwback Thursday: Senior Artist for Bungie, @Mehvechan


This Throwback Thursday piece is dedicated to our guest, @mehvechan, the Senior Artist for Bungie’s Visual ID and Design team. As described on her Wiki page, Mehve “is one of the artists at Bungie who created and designed the Halo Universe. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Director of UX for Epic Games, Celia Hodent


This Throwback Thursday piece is dedicated to our guest, Celia Hodent, the Director of User Experience for Epic Games and her love for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. As described on her website, Celia explores how cognitive psychology and neuroscience can be combined together to “improve usability and flow in games.” Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Rock Band 2 with Supergiant Games’ Audio Director, Darren Korb


This Throwback Thursday piece is dedicated to Darren Korb and his love for Rock Band 2. Darren is the Audio Director for Supergiant Games and provides all the amazing audio effects for Bastion, and Transistor. Continue reading

This Week’s Exclusive Interview with Kelly Kelley aka MrsViolence


This week’s exclusive gaming interview is with the lovely Kelly Kelley, or better known as @MrsViolence. Since the age of 3, she’s been an avid gamer and has since honed in on her killer skills.

Continue reading